To the people who told me to list my skins and accents on the AH because my sales thread doesn’t matter…

With what money? If I can’t sell skins/accents, I cant get enough gems. And why would I spend 3000 gems ($30 dollars) sight unseen, not knowing whether people even want to buy it or not?


when i do skin/accent sets i normally get 4 buyers and have one spare, i then sell the spare for 600gems on the AH and they’ve always been bought, but i have to say, they need to look good. I know a lot of the ‘popular’ ones get enough people to cover the initial gem cost then get 10 done and sell the spares, and really popular ones (like pesticide) just buy 10 and say “new skin in AH” and then people fight to get them. I know I just paid 600gems to get pests snapper underbelly skin when i saw it come up. People seem to check the AH more than forums, so maybe try it with a 5accent pack first? you get more profit if its the 10 accent but there’s also less loss.



When your users say, “Oh, the site is just lagging/glitching/otherwise not working as intended again, no biggie,” you have a major problem or you don’t know that most sites do work.

Minor features would be fine. The main source of player income like the Coliseum? Multiple communication problems like subscribe and pings? No.

Reblog lots so the admins fix it instead of pretending their problems don’t exist.


whenever one of my friends asks me what FR is I try so hard to refrain from saying it’s a cesspool of otherkin nutjobs

because after we both inevitably laughed ourselves sick, my friend would probably ask me what I’m doing on FR

(like what the fuck do I say?? oh it’s this site where dragons…

I’m very confused about this kin business. What the hell is it supposed to be? And do you really think anyone is going to take anything you say serious when you state that you should have been born as Spyro the fucking Dragon?


to the person who posted three pages of berserker stones at 7k: 

fuck. you.

now everyone elses stones are going to be worhtless until all yours get bought

*pssst* buy and resell. thats what I’m doing.

"oh, i think you mis-priced this valuable item. Let me correct that."


(yeah ok they get their pittance but we boost the market back up by doing that because last night I was STILL finding lowest value beserkers for 8.5k instead of 10k minimum.)


But Gladekeeper IS ugly. This should happen:

I actually chose nature flight because of how pretty Gladekeeper is.  I mean, all of them are beautiful apart from Plaguebringer; but Plaguebringer isn’t supposed to be pretty. Plaguebringer is supposed to strike fear into the hearts of all others.


There’s this one user on the item sales forum who keeps going into threads where people are selling sprites or rare items and offering to pay prices that are usually 500g under AH value or so.

They’ve even got their own threads where they try to buy items or holiday currency from people for way under AH costs, and it’s really kind of annoying that they’ve been getting away with it.

If people keep selling to them, it will only encourage their behavior.

Im pretty sure this might be the same person who offered me 50kT for the skin and bones skin when its worth 2000G.

Not even slightly correct, a more correct scenario would be a person with the job to wait tables not doing their job, spouts some racist drivel to the air, wonders why the customers the next table over are pissed off, halfheartedly wipes another table with a dirty rag then wanders off to…

would it? i wouldnt, as a chef, let a waiter decide whats on the plate, so yeah, not the best analogy. The waiters job is to take food from the kitchen to table. Not make the food. So what you’re actually saying is undel, the chef, gave him a plate with nuts or shit on it for a person allergic for it, then the waiter didnt say that it was an additional thing on the plate and then the consumer gets sick, so with this analogy its undels fault again, because you’re analogy is wrong.

Stop with the fucking analogies, you’re spouting so much shit, all of you, that you got off topic, again. Thrage is paid to do nothing because he co-owns the site. He also gets paid to code Java. If he’s not coding Java he’s not getting that portion of his pay as he’s not putting his hours in.

If you can’t stand how an integral part of the site is being left to rot and die, find another game. I hear neopets is still around.


I see people in the forums talking about how they have about 20k treasure on hand in casual contexts and how that’s good for them and I’m just here like-

2 million on hand at all times, buy a 50k dragon, exalt 6 level 7s and get 70k back, etc etc

Like, I don’t snipe, I don’t sell my dragons…

i currently have 52T. I… may have just spent all of my money hoarding familiars. (finally have a mock firebird too, woot) and i now look at my hoard of familiars and think…. Totally worth it. Will do the same again tomorrow. I like spending my money but it doesnt take long to build it up. ‘specially if you have nests of fae’s staggered so the dragons you’re exalting you don’t even need to pay for. Pure profit. I simply think its because people are intimidated by the coli, or dont exalt because its ‘killing’ dragons.

uhhhh as someone who has changed my name twice via deedpoll i think i know what im on about? i didnt say it was easy. i just said in the UK its easier.

(Source: dramarising)


I swear the queers on FlightRising are one of the biggest whiners and babies I’ve ever seen. Now its the sites fault they are uncomfortable with their -legal- name? For fucks sake, get a grip. Go to a courthouse and change it. The world is full of uncomfortable things. You have nothing better to fight for? What about other actually important trans rights? Is what your -parent/s- named you that important?

lmao shut up and look up the process of getting a legal name change

oh you mean going on deedpoll and changing your name legally? takes about 20 minutes here in the UK as long as you have all of your shit together.


How much does time affect Tidal Trouble treasure?  Does it affect treasure at ALL?  

Because I feel like I should really get a liiiiittle more money for completing a puzzle in under 15 seconds, as opposed to accidentally letting the screen go for 1:50 before solving it… same amount of treasure both times…

i believe (could be wrong) its based on moves taken/bubbles popped ratio

Anonymous said: You might want to keep in mind that none of the staff live off the site's revenue. They get pay from it but they have to have jobs in addition too.

oh no i realize that lol, also we ‘pay’ them just by clicking on the site seeing as there is an ad on every page and every refresh gives them more money, however, i dont think you should have to pay for something (like the gems) when theres glitches and shit going on all the time :/ its why i no longer pay for a deviantART subscription. when this one runs out ill be a basic member again because i am not paying to be a member of an art site which is now 80% porn and 20% spam. the FR staff dont listen to member complaints and when they do respond its a vague or BS response. I like undel, i have all of her books and, hell, she’s even the reason i started drawing, but you can’t run a website this way. Get some proper staff, or open up volunteer positions again.


Auuuuuuuugmeeeeeeeent stoooooooneeesssssss

It’s been a year. Any reasonable programming team could have completely rebuilt the entire coli in less time than its been since the bug was first discovered. Come on now. And before you LEAP to Akiri or whoever else’s defense, please realise that it’s a job. This is their job. And programming isn’t this magic arcane ritual that takes a million years. They could have fixed it or rewritten the whole damn thing by now. 

Thats the problem though. it isnt a programming team. its one guy who seems to not really want to do his damn job. FR staff, actual staff, don’t seem too concerned about it otherwise they would have done something. The site is severely understaffed and under-moderated and this is why its failing. Forget opening it up to everyone, forget all the pretty art. Fix the fucking fundamentals like the coli and the forum search and the god damn image refresh time! Akiri isnt the Java admin, Thrage is. Thrage is being a piss-baby. Akiri is still recovering from the accident and Java isn’t even his area. We NEED to be flooding Undel and the other admins with these complaints so that she gets the damn message. Nothing is changed by talking on a side-site that has no power over the site that we are complaining about. What would hurt them is stop buying gems, stop providing an income for them, make them realize we wont pay for something that’s broken. I’m British. Time for a revolution.



I DID get to pick my Progens Tert! It did happen. I am remembering correctly. Glitches can MAGICALLY APPEAR, which is the very nature of a glitch.

I am not senile. I am not insane. I remember. Others do too. IT HAPPENED.

That is all that this is.

Shut the fuck up already. 

i gotta say i remember picking the tert too… and seeing as i have a slightly photographic memory im trusting my memory on this one.